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Meet the Founder

With roots in a classic kiwi rural life, our founder brings her passion for good food and love of all living things to bring you a new range of plant-based meat options that are sure to get your creativity flowing in your kitchen. 


As a kid, I spent a lot of time on a farm, where my love for cows began. As I grew up, I realised where the cows were being taken once they left the farm in that big ole cattle truck, and my nine year old heart was truly heartbroken. Drawing a connection between what was on my plate and what was in our field really struck a chord in me (and it's true, do not name your meat!)

Leaving home, I went vegan, but not being a confident cook and finding vegan ingredients too expensive or hard to find in supermarkets, meant not eating healthy. I returned to meat, but my stance on animal products got stronger so one day I gave up meat and dairy and now eat a mostly plant-based diet (my love for seafood is strong!)

I learnt to cook, and love that it's becoming easier to find plant-based alternatives in supermarkets, not just specialty stores.

This journey with Flipit Foods is important to me because I want to help other people who may not be vegan but are looking to get more of a balance in their lives for their health, their families, the planet and of course those gorgeous brown eyed moo cows!