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Why flip to plants

Switching to a plant-based lifestyle does not mean you’re going to eat Brussel sprouts for the rest of your life or be the odd one out at a BBQ. In fact, it has never been easier, tastier, or healthier to make the leap.

There is plenty of current scientific research proving that just lowering your meat intake by a few meals a week positively impact your heart, digestion, liver, and kidneys. Not only are plants high in nutritional value, but they’re also a great source of protein that doesn’t sit in your system for days and days.
Looking further than our own bellies, there is an absolute plus side to plants that everyone can benefit from, the biggest, most important point anyone can make, and that is life itself. By removing meat, you’re increasing your own longevity in this beautiful existence along with the many animals that inhabit the earth. Enjoying plant-based meats helps lower the alarmingly high level of overconsumption and kill rates of our precious animal friends.
And let’s not forget to mention the fact that plant-based meats are incredibly versatile!  Sauce them, marinate them, bake them, grill them – anything you can do with traditional meats, you can do with plant-based meats too. If not more!
Check out our recipes to tempt your taste-buds.